Where to search for remote work


The choice unites assets that emphasis totally on working from home or give sufficient idea to it to intrigue remote workers.
Remote work assets for an assortment of subject matter experts
These locales are not restricted to any one expert field and game plan occupations in a mix of fields – from copywriting to programming.

Talent scout is one of the best work assets on the planet. As shown by HeadHunter itself, the month to month traffic of the stage appears at 18 million clients.
SuperJob is another huge Russian mission for work entrance. At the hour of shaping, it offers in excess of 15 thousand opening for telecommuters. is a less extraordinary, yet not immaterial asset. Its educational list contains in excess of 4,000 expected entryways for remote work with a normal compensation of 47,845 rubles.
“” is a massive record with 250,000 positions and in excess of 16 million resumes.
“Work City” is an aggregator that gathers astonishing entryways from various other mission for new business areas. The asset has an instructive list of more than 1.5 million positions.
“Yandex.Rabota” – work aggregator from Yandex. At the hour of framing, it shows 140 thousand opening for far off workers across Russia.
“Distancia” is a task stock made explicitly for remote workers.
Work at home – a commensurate undertaking zeroed in on tracking down remote work
Remote JOB – one more asset zeroed in on observing remote work The information base has in excess of 6,000 positions.
Message Channels with Jobs
“ remote positions – occupations” (@theyseeku) – 285,000 endorsers.
“One line occupations” (@rabotaforyou) – 11 thousand endorsers.
“On Remote Jobs 2.0” (@naudalenkebro) – 105 thousand endorsers.
“Telecommuters” (@zapwork) – 141 thousand partners.
Distantsiya (@distantsiya) – 25 thousand partners.
“Independent Tavern” (@freelancetaverna) – 40 thousand partners.
“Changes and Comments: re-appropriating and remote work” (@pravkiforyou) – 24 thousand partners.
“Remowork – remote work” (@remowork_ru) – 47,000 partners.
xCareers: Digital Jobs (@xCareers) – 51 thousand partners.
“Remote Jobs – Jobs” (@onlinevakansii) – 30 thousand partners.
“Master: remote positions” (@workfreelancer) – 26 thousand endorsers.
“Remote Work University” (@sekiroru) – 8 thousand partners.
Facebook social class with occupations
Work at home – 41 thousand endorsers.
“Na_dalenke” – 30 thousand endorsers.
“Remote work: occupations and reexamining” – 26 thousand endorsers.
“Found a different Line of work – Need a Job” – 243 thousand endorsers.
“Occupations and Resume” – 112 thousand endorsers.
Exuberant New Job! – 11 thousand endorsers.
“Talent scouts” – 16 thousand endorsers.
“Your Job and Our Care” – 16 thousand endorsers.
Authentic JOB – 11 thousand endorsers.
VKontakte Communities with Jobs
“Experts Club” – 110 thousand endorsers.
“Free” – 61 thousand endorsers.
“Distance” – 236 thousand endorsers.
“Free” – 25 thousand endorsers.
“On Order. Free, remote work, low help work” – 35 thousand endorsers.
Assets with distant circumstances for specialists and originators
Work central focuses for anybody working with plans and improvement.

Wire channels with occupations
CG Freelance (@cgfreelance) – 9,000 partners.
“Jobpower – imaginative positions and subject matter experts” (@jobpower) – 8 thousand partners.
Plan Hunters (@designhunters) – 16,000 partners.
“Workmanship occupations” (@workinart) – 13,000 partners.
“Looking for_designer” (@designer_ru) – 20,000 partners.
Advancement fashioner tracker (@motionhunter) – 4,000 endorsers.
Facebook social class with work postings
“Workmanship occupations” – 40,000 endorsers.
“Signs and Logos” – 12,000 fans.
“Looking_designer” – 46 thousand partners.
Networks “VKontakte” with opening
“Interest for plan” – 29 thousand partners.
“Occupations for fashioners” – 38 thousand endorsers.
Assets with distant circumstances for creators
Wellsprings of opportunities for any experts fit for shaping and translating down code: from frontend makers to framework engineers.

Message Channels with Jobs
“Regular Programmer (@tproger_official) – 65,000 endorsers.
JavaScript Jobs (@javascript_jobs) – 12,000 endorsers.
pro.JVM Jobs (@jvmjobs) – 4 thousand endorsers.
Distant IT (Inflow) (@remoteit) – 19,000 endorsers.
Web Freelance (@webfrl) – 11,000 endorsers.
“Habr Careers (@moikrug) – 4,000 endorsers.
“Distant IT.” (@flfeedit) – 4,000 endorsers.
Facebook social class with occupations
“Developers” – 9 thousand endorsers.
IT Recruitment – 10,000 endorsers.
“IT Jobs” – 13 thousand endorsers.
IT Jobs (RU, UA, BY, KZ and different nations) – 5 thousand endorsers.
Vkontakte social class with open entryways
“All around normal Programmer” – 500 thousand endorsers.
“ITc social class of software engineers” – 375 thousand endorsers.
“Pleasant Programmer Community” – 107 thousand endorsers.
“Web Programmer – PHP, JS, Python, Java, HTML 5” – 121 thousand endorsers.
“I’m a Web Programmer (php, js, yii)” – 12 thousand endorsers.
“Site plan Typical Verstavers” – 15 thousand endorsers.
“Verstavers, site coding, frontend” – 6 thousand endorsers.
Assets with remote work for media arranged specialists
Regions where authors, supports, PR prepared experts, editors and other specific experts search for occupations.

Mediajobs – the architects call this undertaking the best Russian positions site for media.
Cossa is a part with likely entryways on the site of an eminent scattering for state of the art trained professionals.
“Occupations for Good People is a mission for business site that outgrew several social events in easygoing affiliations. A large portion of the positions are connected with showing, publicizing, plan and PR.
Message channels with business open entryways
“We’ll hit you up” (@perezvonyu) – 23,000 endorsers.
“Norm Work” (@normrabota) – 36,000 endorsers.
“Occupations for remarkable individuals” (@vdhl_good) – 19,000 endorsers.
“Media occupations.” (@dddwork) – 18,000 partners.
Mediajobs (@mediajobs_en) – 12,000 partners.
Showing occupations (@marketing_jobs) – 20 thousand partners.
Remote and Freelance (@digitalbroccoli) – 23 thousand partners.
“Site improvement HR, modernized occupations, office and remote positions” (@seohr) – 10 thousand endorsers.
Facebook social class with open entryways
“Occupations in SMM – occupations and mission for new work for SMM all around informed power and chief” – 34,000 partners.
“Astonishing entryways from DigitalHR” – 19 thousand partners.
“PR and displaying occupations” – 38 thousand partners.
“Searching for a worker for enroll or staff for SEO, Contextual Advertising, SMM” – 27 thousand partners.
VKontakte social class with occupations
“Occupations for unimaginable individuals” – 301 thousand endorsers.
SMM Afisha – 6 thousand endorsers.
“SMM-man” – 231 thousand endorsers.

“Non-weekend days SMM-laborer” – 67 thousand partners.
“SMM Marketing” – 32 thousand endorsers.
Assets for editors and journalists.
One more synopsis for media laborers. By the by, rather than the past regions, these work in places connected with message based substance. In any case editors and makers, arbiters, analysts and editors can in addition get positions here.

Message work posting channels

Work for essayists (@Work4writers) – 9,000 partners.
“It’s a task for a supervisor” (@glvrd_job) – 2,000 partners.
“Library of occupations for editors” (@work_editor) – 4,000 endorsers.
VKontakte social class with occupations
“Tracked down Copywriting” – 19 thousand endorsers.
“Exhibiting master Wanted. Work” – 6 thousand endorsers.
“Exhibiting master Wanted” – 22 thousand partners.
“Occupations for interpreters. Wakwak!” – 43 thousand partners.
“I’m an interpreter” – 65 thousand partners.
“Interpreters” – 14 thousand partners.
Independent Exchanges
One more kind of site to look for remote work – free trades. Here up-and-comers are offered generally one-time tries – projects. In any case, managers occasionally utilize these trades to post entryways, deriving significant length far away collaboration.
Abroad assets with remote work assuming you have a decent solicitation of English, you can besides have a go on new workplaces. The compensation here is overall higher. Be that as it may, you should rise to experts from any place the world

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